Friday, September 30, 2011

That Country Candy

Here he is again.

Nashville was a team in the folds of the Reds farm system at the time. Poor Candy landed on the team during a horrible year. They were in last place and had gone through five managers in two weeks.

Things looked bleak.

Until they got some Candy.

I like the card alot. The team logo in the bottom left is great and well rendered. A very clean minor league card design.

Why is the Pitcher holding a bat? Candy went to bat four times in the big leagues. He had four strikeouts.

Why is he holding a bat?

This is a new subset I may collect. Pitchers with Bats.


  1. Hey Tim. I became a follower and added your blog to my favorites. I'd love to trade if you have any spare Angels lying around. Shoot me an email.


  2. Hey Tim:

    I got your comment on my blog before, I couldn't find an email address so I'm not sure if you got my previous message. Send me a line if you want to deal still.

  3. As a collector of batting pitchers too (well, batting, base running, wearing batting helmets or just holding a bat), I find the best are the pitchers that are batting but play for American League teams. Now THOSE are fun.