Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The sorting of 5000: 1992 Topps

#14 Wes Chamberlain, not alot to say about him. I grew up around the corner from one of his teammates, Phil Bradley. For some reason he had a home in Columbia, Mo. None the less Wes had six mediocre seasons in the Big Leagues.

#15 El Presidente. 23 big league seasons, won 100 games in both leagues, first Nicaraguan player in the big leagues. Awesome. The year this photo was snapped he pitched the 13th perfect game in baseball history. He also lead the league this year in CG and SHO, 9 and five respectively. 5 shutouts, solid.

#16 Jeff Montgomery. I grew up in central Missouri loving this guy. He was the Royals go to closer for a large part of my youth. He distinguished himself by having four go to pitches, double what most relievers have. He is now broadcasting for the Royals on the station he sits as Vice-President. This guy is a mid-western ball player through and through. I am glad there are still gigs inside the game for guys like this.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Sorting of 5000

I am back!!! I'm not going to buy any new cards  . . . alright maybe a few, but no seriously. I'm going to catalog this giant, semi-cool ebay purchase. I got 5000 cards. That's alot to sort, and file in my OCD way. That is actually part of this hobby I like, the sorting and organizing. I imagine Dewey, of Dewey Decimal fame, enjoyed the hobby of sport card collecting as well.

So I'm gonna sort, catalogue and record. Here goes, with the first of a ton of posts regarding 1992 Topps. I was in 10th grade, loved soccer, Primus, and driving.

The first is #5 Dave Winfield:

Nearing the end of a Hall of Fame career, Winfield had a descent year, becoming the oldest person in history to hit for the cycle on June 24th against the Royals. Breaking Honus Wagners record. When you're breaking a Honus Wagner record that is saying something! The very next year Dave hits a double to win the world series for his new team the Blue Jays. Well done sir, well done.

#7 Jim Olander fought for a spot 12 years in the minor leagues. In this card from 1991 Jim finally played 12 games in the big league. With 12 games, 9 at bats, and 2 Runs he had a good showing. A broken leg the next year spelled doom for the old goat, and he never played another major league game. He is a scout now for the Detroit Tigers, and considered a quality baseball guy.

#8 Bryan Hickerson pitched from '91-'95 in the Major leagues to an even record of 21-21. He recorded 279 strikeouts and traveled from the Giants to the Cubs to the Rockies. He stays involved with baseball via UPI, a christian outreach group using baseball to reach youth.