Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Extreme Value?

So I bought this box at Walgreens . . . ok, I bought two of them. They looked like a good way to expand my new collection a bit, and at 3.99 they wouldn’t break the bank. 

It says “extreme value” . . . we shall see. This will be a regular series on my blog, as we comb through the hundred cards that cost me .04 a card. I hope to remind you old-timers the gruesome beauty that were baseball cards back then. I have some real sweet  Star cards that will get you hoppin’. I also hope to learn something about all 100 players (assuming no repeat players), as that is what the game is really about. At .04 a card, the information may be hard to come by.

Without further adieu, I present:

The Extreme Value Plasticine Box

He doesn’t look German?

That doesn’t seem like a German surname.
What gives?

He pitched two seasons in the big leagues for the Twins. Had a respectable SO percentage, 19 SO’s in 21 IP in 1988.

Topps Lineage should have included this forgotten Venezuelan. What is that you ask? You haven’t forgotten about his name. He obviously doesn’t eat Schnitzel.

Germany was the first European country to colonize Venezuela in 1527. For twenty years they ruled until Spain revoked their ownership of the colony. Do you suppose his parents were history buffs?

Not much to say about Mr. Mason. He did hit the big show for 7 years total, with several trips back down the ladder during his career. Most notably, he has a microscopic postseason ERA of .49 over 18.33 innings. Still among the best for relievers. To put it in perspective, Mariano Rivera's average is 2.21. Although, admitedly Mo has pitched 1211 innings, and has a slightly bigger wiki page than Roger Mason. Still though, .49 is low.

Gleaton pitched mainly in relief for 12 years in the bigs. On April 30, 1981 he received the dubious honor of pitching a complete game loss as his Mariners lost to the Tigers.

He is only one of handful of baseball players to go by their first and middle name. 
Jerry Don.
Can you name others?

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  1. No, no I can't. I can't get past Jim Bob Walton. I think I'm brain damaged.