Thursday, October 20, 2011

Royals Week Continues With an '85 Alum

This post is bittersweet.

Yes the Cards lost. As everyone and their mother let me know through my headset at work. My restaurant is so busy we all wear mics and headsets to communicate during service. All through tonight's game I would receive bi-inning updates on the score. They were nice enough to let Chef know that his team was tied or winning.

Come the 9th, man oh man did Chef receive a lot of updates. Sometimes three for the same game-state. One of my front of house managers managed to let me know that we were tied. Then that we were behind. At that moment, I believe that three others on mic chimed in to reiterate that I was losing. The mic chatter was plentiful and the sympathy was 86'd. My favorite had to be when J-$ (that's his handle, pronounce it J-Money) let me know that Gordo was pitching in relief and he was throwing spaghetti on the mound.

It's really nice to have such a supportive staff.

The Royals card of the day hopes to blow off the jinx. Even though Paul was a member of the Royals team that bested the Cards in the '85 series, his results were sub-par. I'm hoping by outing this demon of the past, and that nary a zombie Don Denkinger will show up to give the game away (still the wrong call, even in HD), I can help the Redbirds regain some of the momentum that brought them here.

I figure that's close enough to Ranger blue to have the sought after voodoo effect.

Release the demons of the past.

Go Redbirds!!!

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