Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Redbirds Made It!!! But, Let's Not Forget Their I-70 Neighbors.

Yes, that's right. I am stoked the Birds made it back to the Series. I swear, 19 games out, I thought the season was over. I was hanging my head. And yet . . . zombie love!!!

However, switching gears, I began to think that the other Show-Me state team had its day. Albeit, a loooooonnngggg time ago. That made me sad. Feeling empowered to do something about sadness I hereby declare that this will be Royals week.

That's right, the Cards are in the Series, and Royals week?

Why not . . . no one else will do it.

The first card today is a great one. There was another blogger today that mentioned how rarely orange is used in baseball cards. Being that I just cataloged this bad boy last night, I thought why not. Why don't I do a Now and Then post about two Royals pitchers.

I really wish the boys in blue had been able to keep this guy on their roster, but it is no surprise that he is gone. However, while he was there, he hurled that thing.

So that's the Now (even if he plays for Milwaukee).

The Then, another AL Cy Young winner:

That's right, the swordsman himself.

It could be awhile before the Royals find themselves another Cy Young Award winner. If I had a David Cone card I would show so the Trifecta!

That's it for the first installment of Royals Week. See you back here tomorrow for a card that shows Bo pitching?

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