Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More of that Extreme Value!!!

The Extreme Value Plasticine Box

The first card is a guy that spent most of his careers with the A's, whom with we see him here. For most of his career he batted behind Ricky Henderson. Mr. Henderson credits Dwayne with helping him set the single season record for stolen bases in 1982 at 130. He is still in baseball, currently acting as the hitting coach for the Blue Jays.

As if helping Ricky set the record wasn't enough, the man gets cool points for helping fund M.C. Hammer's first album. It's hammer time!

The next card will probably prove to be the best card in the plasticine box. Even if it is off center, has rough corners, the man has a story. I shan't recall it here. Although, if you haven't seen his episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, you certainely should.

Slippery fingers Buckner . . .

I think he has a caterpillar on his face.

The last card for today is a world series winner, from the year the card was produced. I believe it is my first such treasure. If a '92 Score card could be considered a treasure.

And, to spin it back to my resurgent redbirds, Manny ended his career in St. Louis. On April 26th, 1995 he had one bat for the Cardinals, got injured in the fourth inning, and never made it back to the Show after that.

What are the chances I can find a card of him as a Cardinal? If Candy Sierra can have two as a Red, why can't Manny have one as a Redbird?

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