Wednesday, September 21, 2011


2011Topps redemption program was really fun for me. I have already posted a vintage card from my Topps redemption draw. As this is my first year collecting cards, it was a great way to get me some of the old ones. I also got to discover players I had never heard of. I had quite a good time putting in those silly codes.

Now this one is . . . precious.
Diamond inlay just like my grill.

Sweet bling in the bottom right.


Who in the hell is it?

He hasn't played a game this season and Topps gave him a card, with a DIAMOND in it.

My first 1/1. Sweet Ump action in the background. Precious geologic pearl.

I look forward to next years redemption program. Hope Jason plays a game next year, sounds like his shoulder is hurt somethin' fierce.


  1. Nice redemption! I heard the diamond imbedded cards are really thick.

  2. I just found you thanks to a plug by Angels in Order. Good luck and great hit!