Thursday, September 15, 2011

Learning About VIntage

I liked the Topps redemption program this year. Putting the codes in online, and then digging a sqaure to find your reward was fun. I didn't really care for the digital rings as I would never get enough to matter. I did like getting the vintage cards. I didn't have any older cards before these, so it has been fun to see them.

This Cardinal wasn't known to me, which is no surprise considering he played his last year in 1973. This card is from 1967.

I can imagine this 25 year old kid from Memphis enjoying several of the Italian restaurants on the "hill" in St. Louis. Bear with me as we journey into a sweet food aside. I have been to the "hill" several times growing up, always going with my Dad and family to an Italian restaurant in the heavily Italian region of St. Louis dubbed the "hill". Red and white checkerboard scene. Fun, jovial rooms.

The home of Fried Ravioli.

That's right, digest that one.

The first fried ravioli were made right in the "hill". According to Missouri canon, a cook was making ravioli near the fryer, and one fell into the oil. Seeing the sublime creation and swiftly dipping it into marinara, that cook changed the world. Well, if not the world, than atleast a great deal of the overweight midwesterners waistline was changed by this genius. Don't argue with regional urban-folklore. Just accept it and repeat it to all who will listen. Such is the oral tradition.

Back to the card, just picture the young second-bagger above with a belly full of delicious.

Phil was born in Memphis. Attended high school down there with three other players he would team with on the Cardinals. in 1967, Phil had just played two full seasons in the bigs, preceded by two partial teams in the early 60's.

His brother Ralph played a few years in the bigs as well.

Searching for the player shows 24 cards, two of them minor league, many of them team issue. It is fun to think that you could choose a random card like this, and chase that player's cards.

Love the Cards uniform, but Gagliano will not be my first vintage chase. I'll know it when I see it.

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  1. Yes! The Hill! When I lived in St Louis, my favorite restaurant there was Zia's.

    Anyway, I'll get back to you about the trade this weekend when life settles down a bit.