Sunday, September 4, 2011

The French King of New York

Imagine my suprise, when A&G was being spoiled, that there would be a chef card. Who would it be I wondered? Mario Batali? Thomas Keller? Escoffier?

No, it turns out it was a man I have done several events with. The king of New York:

At one point, in what was one of the highlights of my career the man called me "putain". I was helping Laurent Gras at the South Beach food festival. Living the dream. I was surrounded by all of these famous chef's, had an amazing hotel room paid for by the event, was foot-loose and fancy free. Chef Daniel and I shared a prep kitchen. As he was busy slicing his terrines for the event, I carelessly opened the door directly into his elbow as he was slicing. This caused him to call me "putain", which is french for a woman of ill-repute. I smiled inside. I had finally made it!!!

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  1. Hahaha, what a great story! How wild that of all the chefs they could have put in the set, they put the one that you've BUMPED into!