Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tribecards Royals

Here is some more of the sweetness from Dave over at These are some of the sweet Royals cards he sent, supplementing the Cardinal's cards from the previous post. Now, I will be honest with you, it has been Reeeeaaaaallll hard to be a Royal's fan, oh . . . say for the last decade maybe decade and a half. All I can think of is the run down stadium I used to go to in the mid-late 80's, with the huge Royals shield standing off of I-70. It looked derelict, like a team with no money. Shame, shame, shame. We couldn't even hold on to Grienke.

Oh well, these cards are still sweet!!!

We all know the man of steel knees, the sweet footage of the homer, the hobble around the bases. Most of us forgot he was a Royal. There he is, DH for the boys. Reminds me of when Montana QB'd the chiefs for one more season. KC likes it that way. They also like BBQ.

My first Bowman Butler. I think he's throwing a sweet softball pitch. Seeing this, I can't believe how much bigger he is now. I also can't believe he has spent his career with the Royals. Atleast he's good at softball.

Hall of Famer and MVP, he has so many stats to list, I won't. I will say, since he went to Highschool in El Segundo . . . I think he may be missing his wallet (sweet hip hop reference, I know card blogs and hip hop, you'd think it was a Deion Sanders post). The man crushed it, and like Butler above, all for the Royals. Unlike Butler, it was when the Royals rocked. Kansas City is due a resurgence!

I'm sorry ma'am, what kind of berry do you want with your icecream. Not a raspberry? Blueberry, no? What is that, you want a Quisenberry? Sorry, we're all out.
It's a good thing they don't make me a server, no one would get my jokes (much like Monty Python). Jokes take nothing awary from  this oversized card, my first. Submarine pitchers should make a return, he was great to watch as a kid.

For the next three, all the same man. You knows who it is. And if you don't it's okay, because Bo knows.

I love them all. That's one big head on a suction cup. Look at the curve and warp in the bat of the swing card. Man, it's like that guy is strong enough to play football. The bottom picture is my favorite. A man that is relaxed, comfortable, and probably thinking about his future as a restauranteur.

One more, the final is a subset of cards I am going to collect. Cards with food on them. If you have them, please contact me. The newer cards are so sterile, I can't find a chili dog or fries amongst them. Saberhagen however, may know how many licks it takes.

Chef off the clock. Oui!

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