Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My first Hall of Fame Rookie Card . . . or Introducing the 100 Amusement Box

I had been reading blogs for awhile, probably around 6 months, before I actively began to collect baseball cards. As a 34 year old male, this might be seen as an odd time to start, and the blogs helped me decide that it was for me. I enjoy the notion of trading, especially with the goal of completing sets. I cannot wait to send off a few of my doubles from next years cards, and receive ones that I need.

That being said, I knew I needed to increase my collection. I needed to increase my collection so that I could send fun things along with the traded-cards in the trade packages. I have had the blessing of receiving three such packages so far, where I traded nothing to get them, and look forward to sweetening the envelopes with finds from my 24.99 eBay purchase of 3000 cards.

Now being new to the hobby, but having read quite a bit of history through all of the blogs on baseballcardblogs.com, I can deduce that late 80's - early 90's cards are viewed with derision and scorn. I however, am not tainted by such views. Having never seen the carnage that can result when too much cardboard floods the market, pushes out all competitive bacteria, and a plague of Bruckheimer-esque proportions takes over the Earth. I stand in the enviable position to find amusement in them all.

That is what I propose to share with this series. Borrowing heavily from Thorzul's "Best 100 finds in a 30 dollar lot", I plan on sharing 100 amusing pieces I find in the 3000. Many of them are probably not the "best" cards in the box, I certainly can't pick the good ones (spoiler: I did pull at least one Ozzie). I will focus on cards that amuse me.

Sid Bream and Candy Sierra, of "Two pieces of Candy . . . and a Fish" fame, are the first two amusements found in the box.

The next card just might be my first rookie card of a hall of Famer:

The Front:

What a great photo of the Rook. Doing what he did for so many years, tagging 'em out. I love the full photo-frame design. The colors and the gloss really make the card feel special to me. I have to admit, I did hunt for a bit of food in the background. Come on lady in the yellow pants, just a cheesy-fry, come on? One fry!

It was not to be. Alas, a great picture of a great player.

The Back:

I am in love. This is legit, the first card back I have seen that I think is sleek and perfect. The purple, oh the purple. Now, I know that I belittled Todd Helton's choice of color. Perhaps I even implied that purple should only be worn by old women. Perhaps. I don't care!!! This purple is regal. There is royalty associated with this color. The Mike wears it well.

Well, there is #3 from the box. A future hall of famer? I think there is no doubt about it.

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