Friday, September 23, 2011

Amusements From Ebay

Here are the 4th and 5th amusements found in the ebay box. Having just scratched the surface of the box I can guarantee it is mostly late 80's - early 90's cards.

New to the hobby, I am not sure if I would have survived if I was collecting back then. The cards have been atrocious.

But amusing.

Here I can imagine the consternation of the photographer when he was told he had to get an action photo of Larry jumping.

"Come on Larry, jump. That's it . . . both feet off the ground. Ah screw it, let's build a platform and shoot it from a ridiculous angle. Larry, you stand on your tip-toes. Act like your jumping."

The other card is just funny. I imagine there are other cards that depict players in the situation Devon White finds himself in. But really, Upper Deck, why use that photo? Why not the one of him hitting a double? Or even hitting a pop-fly but holding onto the bat?

Poor Larry. He was a Redbird at the end. Sweet.

The bat chucker has two World Series rings. Sweet.

Thanks box.


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  2. I swear at least once a season, Dave Winfield would sling his bat through the infield. Pity no one ever put a shot of that on a baseball card! Reggie Jackson even commented on it during an episode of The Baseball Bunch on ESPN back in the 80s, along with some clips, while preaching the importance of holding onto the bat during your follow thru.