Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bob is Great, Stan is Neat, and Osborne Rocks!

Kevin over at thediamondking.blogspot.com has sent me an amazing package.

This is the third package of awesomness I have received. Tribecards, the Troll and now Kevin have all hooked me up. Inspiring and giving great fun to this stranger.

The first card of the shipment tonight just might be my new favorite. The card is so sleek, clean and awesome. I can't believe Kevin would send me such a great Topp '74, made three years before I was born. Bob Gibson was from my Dad's era, when Grandad was a man and Dad was a boy.

What a classic shot. Gibson, wearing the weird spacesuit of orange textile beneath his sharp Cardinals uniform, stands alone in an empty stadium. Or, almost empty. Seems Chilly.

He played for so long, all for the Redbirds. Hoot really is, in the psyche of every young Missouri boy, along with Mark Twain and Daniel Boone.

The next card is amazing. An absolute treasure of a photo.

Donora Pennsylvania . . . home of stan the man. Around 14,000 people strong the year he was born. Obviously the home of high b-ball fashion. I think American Apparel sells gold lame like that. No disrespect Mr. Musial.

The Arch. Sweet. Architechtural Masterpiece. It says he was neat.

I have always wanted to build a statue across the Mississippi river in Illinois. The statue would be of a croquet player, and the viewer would veiw it with such perspective that the Arch was a giant wicket. That's sweet architecture.

Seriously though . . . there is a statue of the "Man" for a reason.
One of the greatest hitters ever.
Despite the kneepads.

The last card for this post is the first of the Ozzie's. Kevin sent me many Ozzie's. Thanks to him I already have double digit Ozzie.

But his Mama calls him Osborne Earl.

He can flip.
So many gold gloves. Baker's Dozen.


Thanks diamondking.

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