Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On the Pence

I get alot of grief from some of the cooks, but I really like watching this guy play. He is fast, hits the ball well, has years in front of him to play and learn the game. This is the second, black-border mini A&G, in as many days. If I was to collect one brand of the mini's it would be these black bordered beauties. My favorite aspect of the design is the, almost wrought-iron, paisley found in the border.

Even though he hit his first big league Grand Slam against those sweet red birds. Even though he may look kind of like an alien, or a doppleganger about to shift; don't hold these things against him. Coming into the NL the same season as Ryan Braun, he certainly has done well to cement his spot of greatness in the 2007 class. Playing for the Phillies should give Pence an even greater chance to excel, surrounded by great players playing well.

Having seen him play the Cubs quite a few times, he earned my notice earlier this year. The seats I get from my meat purveyor are on the first base line, just past first base. I have seen him chase down pop-ups in right field, and he has caught up to several line drives I thought were gonna' get through. He is really fast if you see him in person, covers so much ground.

If I continue to like Pence next year, and he continues to perform, I could totally see myself collecting Pence cards.

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