Sunday, January 21, 2018

It's 80's Night!!!

That's right. It's 80's night. Put on the New Wave music, perhaps Duran Duran, maybe some Depeche Mode, or if you feel like dancing some New Order.

That's my choice - New Order for the win.

Couple of cards from that sweet decade, where we saw the junk wax era begin, and the definition of what was an acceptable haircut stretch (here's looking at you Flock of Seagulls)

Image result for jay howell 1985 fleer

Howell was outed as a cheater by Tucker Ashford (an ex-mets manager) who saw it in his living room, on his couch, watching the playoffs.  Tucker called his contacts in the Mets organization, who then relayed the information to the umps.Sure enough, Howell had pine tar on his glove . . . a definite no no. Howell was suspended 3 days for the incident.

Cheater Cheater.

Image result for mike lacrosse 89 topps

Like Yu Darvish in the 2017 World Series, this guy seems to be tipping his pitches.  Known for his split finger change, Mike had quite a long and successful career. Probably could have had more success if he had learned not to show the batters his grip.

God Bless the '80s.

p.s. sorry about the image quality, something is up, looking into it now :)


  1. I can no longer see that LaCoss card without thinking of this blog post:

    1. Hilarious! That made my night! I hope LaCoss has read it :)

  2. Great story about Tucker Ashford, although he was never a manager.

    1. Brett, I am finding that he was a manager in the minor leagues for the Mets. Perhaps it is not the same guy? Reminded me of the recent golf infractions spotted by home viewers :)