Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Sorting of 5000: 1992 Topps

This round has some good ones. Just sitting here typing in the cold of Chicago waiting for my wife to get off work so we can meet at the local watering hole. As I wait I shall educate myself on some of these players.

This is the year that Aguilera's career really hit overdrive. It was in 1991 that he got his first invite to the all-star game on the back of 42 saves that season. He would go on to the next two all-star games as well. Having taken a few years to adjust to the role of a closer, he found career resurgence this year and continued to dominate the league with his veteran arm coming out of the bullpen.

Woohoo a Cardinal. This journeyman player was making a two year stop playing for the redbirds. In Rex's 14 year career he played every position but pitcher and catcher. He even went on to play in Japan for two years and won their series one of them. He is now a color commentator for the Royals. That would be a sweet job.

So many catchers already in this set. Currently the manager of the Ogden Raptors, a minor league team in Utah under the Dodger umbrella. I can't help but wonder what Ogden, Utah is like.

Tom replaced the previously posted Buck Rogers as captain of the cellar dog Expos. He only lasted a year after some questionable moves were made by him, and an eerie episode where he came to spring training in marine fatigues, reportedly channeling Norman Schwarzkopf. He is currently a bench coach for the Rockies.

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