Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Sorting of 5000: 1992 Topps

Currently a home mortgage specialist in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, Chris had a short 6 years playing in the big leagues. The back of the card says he is 5-0 in games attended by his Mother. Here's betting he's a wicked little league coach for his kids.

At 6'8" and 275 pounds Jeff was one of the top high-school prospects of all time to come out of Massachusetts. He never quite found his groove in the Big Leagues. However, on August 25, 1995 he holds the record as being the only pitcher to be the third pitcher to hit a grand slam in a season. Lot of heavy swingin' pitchers that season!

This card is Epic! Man, what a great Senior Photo. The back of the card lists Scott's freshman through junior year stats at Baylor. He was drafted by the White Sox but had a mediocre 5 years. He is now a High School baseball coach in Austin, Texas.

Look at the form of that wacky knuckle-baller. Considered a strikeout artist during his career, he now announces for the Arizona Diamondbacks. In what is a testament to the ergonomics of the knuckle ball he led the league in 1986 with 17 complete games. 17! Perhaps the coolest think about Tom is that he is in the International Bowlers Hall of Fame, unfortunately the only Hall he will find himself in.

Craig here is from Munich, and if I know anything, I know that that is one sweet Pilsner sippin' mustache. A solid 11 years left him with the record for most games by a Padre at 86. He is also currently the last pitcher to hit a walk-off home run. On April 25, 1986 in the bottom of the 12th inning this lanky pitcher swung the big lumber. I tell you, this post has pitchers that can hit!

I watched old Mac here play during my youth growing up in Missouri. He was an above average catcher and held the record for most games as a catcher for the royals in 1994, surpassing the record held by John Wathan. He now owns a baseball training facility with Kevin Seitzer. Mac-N-Seitz.

It looks like Chico is thinking to himself "What the hell did they put the camera up here for?"

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