Monday, December 26, 2011

More Love from the Box

Well, I hope every one's Christmas season was well spent with friends and family. Food at our house was delicious, a standing rib roast, horseradish whipped potato, various sides, homemade bread. And to wash it all down, Umathum, an amazing Austrian red wine that lends it self, along with a table for 10, to quick drinking and Gregorian chanting.

Alas, we shall return to the cards. Once more into my 1.99 investment we discover some questionable design, and three players, two who previously were strangers and one young surprise.

Tom Browning has the unfortunate fate to be placed on the worst design of the day. I think my sister sponge-painted her bedroom in a similar fashion around the same years. None the less, a year after this card was printed Tom would throw the 12th perfect game in history. Marge Schott, his then owner, attempted to add a clause to his contract that stated if he pitched another perfect game in 19989 his wife would earn 300,000 dollars. This was eventually nixed by the league.

Barry Jones, besides rocking the old-school White sox uni, has a sweet stash and an "East Bound and Down" aesthetic that is hard not to envy.

So, for the most part I figured this must be a different Luis Gonzalez. What were the chances that I got a rookie, minor league card from the "real" Luis Gonzalez's career. Had to be another kid . . . what is that. The same birth date as Luis on wikipedia. And, reading further he was drafted by the Astros in the 4th round of the 88 draft. The card is shot at the Astros compound and field down in Florida, home of the rookie league team. I figure that is what this is from. Pretty cool.

Well, I believe Luis here has pulled ahead of the off-center Buckner as best pull from the plasticine box of value!

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