Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Best Smile in Baseball

I know I'm new to this. That I haven't been exposed to the tens-of-thousands of cards others have. I hope if you read this, have a favorite card that fits the category "smiles", that you share it with me. A binder of smiles would be pretty awesome.

However, there's no denyin' it. This man could smile with the best of them. I knew it little, and know it now.

As nice as they come. What's that? You want another. OK.

You gotta' own this card to see the smile because my scanner only picked up his holo-swing. Discernible barely at the tops surface of the picture. A peek-a-boo smile indeed.

The last smile is savvy. My first of this much maligned set.

I'll say it again.


These cards were presented courtesy of Angels in the Outfield. Just post new year I will get those Angels out to you. Got a bunch of Lineage and the glossy A&G set, with a few extra.

Show your smiles. I'd love to see.


  1. It's kind of hard to find a Dave Henderson card where he's NOT smiling. If I had to choose a best, though, it would be his 1992 Upper Deck #172, followed closely by his 1991 Mother's Cookies card.

  2. Yeah, Ozzie was always smiling. And those bright red uniforms always make it such a happy picture.