Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cubs From the Giving Box

The Extreme Value continues to crank out the hits. Here we have the 2006 Topps team set of the Cubs. I am sure glad I don't have the Diamondbacks, or the Marlins. At least its from a team I like, and since I did buy the box in Chicago it makes since. Here we have the Cubs, only five years ago. Moving into the Epstein era, lets see where these ex-cubies play, and if we would be glad or sad if they still played for the boys in blue.

1. Kerry Wood: Cubs again, Glad

2. Mark Prior: Yankees Farm League, Sad

3. Greg Maddux: Retired, Glad

4. Carlos Zambrano: Probably and Unbelievably a Cubbie, Sad-so-sad

5. Michael Barrett: Mets Free Agent, Sad

6. Derrek Lee: Pirates, Glad

7. Jerry Hairston Jr.: Dodgers, Sad

8. Ronny Cedeno: Pirates Free Agent, Sad

9. Todd Walker: Retired, Sad

10. Aramis Ramirez: Cubs Free Agent, Glad

11. Ryan Dempster: Cubs, Glad

12. Jacque Jones: Free Agent, Sad

13. Glendon Rusch: Free Agent, Sad

14. Juan Pierre: Free Agent, Sad

Well, there's the cards. And judging how I would be sad if the majority were still on the team, I think the Cubs have moved in the right direction. Just drop the big Z, what the heck?!?


  1. I may be a little confused by your premise but I'd love a healthy Prior on the Cubs and I liked Ronny Cedeno.

  2. I didn't really find the voice to convey my premise very well. I will keep trying with these kind of lists until I get it right.

    I would say a healty Prior now would be only alright now, and ronny cedeno's career is basically over at this point. Just tryin' to see who would still crush it for the cubs. Dempster leads the pack on this one for sure!