Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's All a Matter of Perspective

I have almost finished organizing and coallating my 2011 Update set. It has been fun. I pulled the Ozzie Smith SP so that was totally sweet! Why are so many of those cards from his Padres days?  Seems to be all I get, but oh well. He had awesome hair back then.

The two cards today are absolutely stunning photos. I love that a few cards can be like this. For all of the floating head cards, the swing shots, the oh-so boring pitcher throwing . . . there are these.

The colors alone are so refreshing and bright. The yellow banner across the bottom perfect against the green of the grass above and on-deck circle below. Notice the catcher caught between the Pirates players, exceptional. And then the photo continues to rise into the stadium's nose bleed section and into the blue sky above. Reminds me of an EA sports "photo". Refreshing says it best to me.

Wow. Just wow. Amazing work, amazing shadows. I believe it may slow the heart rate akin to watching an aquarium. Don't quote me on this.

Couple of beautiful cards Topps, thanks.


  1. I normally dont prefer landscape cards, but I agree those two are really nice.

  2. They put so many Ozzie Smith Padre cards into modern sets because no current Padre is worthy of having there own baseball card.

  3. That makes alot of sense Spiegel83. I guess you can only have so many Tony Gwynn pictures. Oz was way cooler than him anyway. More mobile at the very least.