Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Patch from Potch: The Cardinal Side of Things

I finally did it . . . a real trade. Look out world, Chef's slingin' cards.

Work has been busy with the changing of the seasons. Spring has come, ramps are on the pork belly, and asparagus is juicy as an apple. I am going to commit myself to blogging more, as baseball season too has begun. I will probably only buy two types of sets this year, Allen and Ginter and the Topps Flagship. So, if anyone has Cardinals or Royals from the other sets released this year, check out my "have's" page and let's see if we can help each other out.

Anyways, on to the cards from Potch. I sent him a bunch of 2012 Topps inserts that he needed, and in return he sent a slew of sweet Cardinal's and Royals. I am going to split the trade in two posts, one for the Redbirds and the other the Royals.

Let the parade of World Champions begin:

Okay, while Todd was technically not a World Champion, he did pitch in game seven of the World Series in 1987. Let that fact not distract you from the man's superlative mustache. Look at it and feast. Todd had a great start to his career for the Cardinal's, garnering Rookie of the Year and Rolaids Relief Man awards in 1986. If he hadn't had two back-to-back injuries I think he could have been one of the best of his era.

There he is. The long-necked fleet-footed center-fielder World Champion. This card is seven years after his amazing rookie and champion year. Game 3 of the Series, Willie smacks two homer's and makes a spectacular catch in the outfield. Man, it seems like the Cardinal's always have great speed in the outfield, and just consistently great management. Willie was a part of the "Whiteyball" era, good times to grow up in Missouri!

A great reprint from last year's 60 Years of Topps inserts. The back of the card says that for the first time in 15 years Topps left the player positions off the cards. Ozzie certainly didn't need the reminder, as he was the gold standard of shortstops at the time. He was an All Star this year, 2nd in MVP voting, a Gold Glover and a Silver Slugger. Right in the middle of 12 consecutive All Star seasons, just an unreal player. Long live the Wiz!

That's right . . . two Chris's for the price of one. I really like the Masterpieces card, this is my first of that insert set.  I hope his nerve irritation heals well, and Chris is able to pitch at the level he did last year. The battle between him and Halladay was epic. Carpenter's humble attitude and huge arm have endeared him to the St. Louis population, and all wait with baited breath for his return.

That's it for the Cardinals. Potch sent me a bunch more, perhaps they will find their way sprinkled into posts in the future.

Look for the Royals post tomorrow.

And once again, thanks Potch!!!

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