Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cards of Randomness #1

I have decided that this will be the most prolific of my themes on this site for awhile. As I catalog the random piles of cards that I get, I will do a little research into them, and share the anecdotes of players that may have been forgotten.

Two cards from 1982 Donruss:

My bad . . . I didn't know who Bobby Murcer was. What a career, not only was his bat amazing, near the end of his career he became a valuable PH, but his defense was stellar as well. In 1974 he led all major league outfielders with 21 runner's thrown out. He then went on to become, for almost two decades, a broadcaster for the Yankee's. Too further the cool factor, and I will definitely be on the look out for more cards of Mr. Murcer, he recorded two country-western tunes ("Skoal Dippin' Man" and "Bad Whiskey").

Now I think that is a good start to the "Cards of Randomness". Let's see what the next holds.

Lee Andrew May

Lee did not have nearly the career that Bobby did above. However, he was pretty bad-ass in his own right. He was a very consistent slugger, averaging 95 RBI's from 1967-1977. He settled into a DH role at the end of his career with first the Oriole's and then Royal's. His son is the hitting coach for the Indian's AAA affiliate.

Bobby wins.

It isn't a contest. Let the randomness ensue.

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