Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2012 Topps Series 1 Insert Review: Retired Rings

I love these cards. While I choose not to include them as my favorite, since they are just sooo special, they deserve the respect their design deserves.

I actually like this fake relic, a manufactured facade of some fantasy ring that just doesn't exist. It's okay. I live in a fantasy world allot (I happen to play allot of Magic the Gathering). The ring has a weight to it, an import denoted by density. The ring is placed nicely in the right 2/3 of the card. Well positioned, and its ratio to the over all card is correct to my eyes.

The photo on the left is, for every card, a nice capture of the featured player. I especially like the Reggie in his lemon yellow uniform.

I am attempting to collect all of these, and have one or two doubles. If you happen to need one, look at my list and let me know. If you happen to have one of the few I still need . . . help a brother out!

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