Thursday, February 9, 2012

Presents From Strangers

I am not sure how it happened. I came home after work today and there were three envelopes with my name on it. Not so unusual around birthday season.

One was from my sister. Chelsea and crew, wishing a fine birthday upon me. She works at Hallmark. She always has the perfect card. Very nice.

The other two were, judging by their return addresses listed in the upper-left corner of the envelope, from people I did not know. You would think it might be eBay related, but not so. Just a couple of people who sent me random-kindness cards. Do you think they knew it would arrive near my birthday?

No matter.

Matheo16 is apparently a trader abroad. This envelope arrived with a Canadian stamp (and I do have quite a philately penchant), so bonus already.

Then inside:

A cardinal rookie card. Thanks Matheo!

Kenneth, as wikipedia refers to him, only registered four games this season, '88. And to me his expression seems both "whatcha' takin a picture of, bub?"-ish and "I'm tickled you want my picture"-ish.


The next package was from Ms. Konnie Frey, out of Albuquerque. Her stamps, while not Canadian, were a lovely festive ornament montage.

She sent me a load of Cardinals. Too many to list in one post. And several of her cards have inspired future posts (my mullet-and-stash collection is imminent). Here are some of my faves.

First,. a card to join the "Smiles" binder.


Is Dave Lapoint skiing? It sure looks like he is. Perhaps he's smiling cause he is moving to San Francisco the year after this card was published. His cheeks look so rosy draped in all of that red.

The next is Whitey. Stoic, bulldog Whitey.

Double Whitey. Both pictures obviously from the same day, game, and photographer. The Zog deserved better.

Maybe something like this.

Something Classy.

And last, the main man, the Wiz.

Thank you so much, generous strangers. The cards are fun.

Birthday cards rule.

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