Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 Topps Series 1 Insert Review: Gold Standard

I am going to attempt to collect a master set of 2012 Topps flagship product. I am not sure what that really means, but to me for this project I will not seek out all parallels. Just base cards and all inserts. As I now have a Haves and Wants list up on the side, as you are able, check it out and help me complete the set. (As I bought a case, I will have a lot of doubles to help you complete yours as well).

To keep things interesting around here, as I complete the various insert sets I will review them briefly.

First up are the Gold Standard inserts.

While not all that visually stunning on their own, I thought enmasse they formed a handsome page:

It looks "federal" to me. I know others have bemoaned all of the unused design space on the left of the card, but I think it lends a degree of "staid"-ness and appropriate level of dignity to these accomplishments. 

I like the photo on the side. Does anyone know if those are actual photo's of the moment described on the card?

The gold standard makes it feel a bit like a treasury bond or currency plate.  I think this fits with the theme as well.

Overall I say B+. I smart, handsome looking insert set, and I hope to see an Ozzie make an appearance in the later Topps series (he isn't in the set at all yet :( ).

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