Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My First 3rd

I have never really understood the Jr. or III convention of naming children. How confusing must it have been at the Smalley house when "Roy" was called, and three generations of Smalley men turn around. By god, it's like shouting "Mom" at the grocery store.

Was the Smalley family of so little imagination that they had to use the same name time and time again.

Here and now I vow to never sire a Tim Graham Jr. Although, a wicked side of me could see skipping the Jr. and going straight to the third for my son. In some kind of manufactured nobility play, I would propel my son up the WASP ranks.

We'll see what the wife thinks of my plan. Could have some issues with it.

III here had quite a year during this cards release. The Twins win the Series, his second trip back to Minnesota finally yielded a ring in his second to last year in the Bigs.

III was an All-Star shortstop in 1979, having lit up the first half of the season with a .341 batting average.

Jr., III's father, was a shortstop in the Bigs as well.

Well you know how the saying goes:

Like Jr. like III.


  1. ...and now he's a fill-in play-by-play guy for Twins broadcasts. I bet Jr. can't say that!

  2. Please send me an e-mail with your e-mail address. Are you still interested in the group break from a couple months ago? It is happening in 2 weeks when I return from vacation, but there needs to be some communication for picks before the boxes are broken. Let me know either way. Thanks.

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