Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three More From the Box

So, the restaurant has slowed down a bit, here in Chicago. Opening a restaurant that has been blessed with its success has been amazing. I have never managed an operation this large, had this many staff to look after, or done this many covers (I am from fine-dining after all). It has been amazing! However, it is nice that mother nature comes, freezes River North, and allows us to catch a breather after a hectic holiday season.

All that being said, it basically translates into more time to post. Man, so much time, and new cards don't release until next month. Looks like the 1.99 I spent is going to have to do. Worry not, 31 faithful readers, I have pulled some gems for today.

Do you think this guy likes a knuckle-sandwich?

I do wonder though, having watched this guy pitch for the majority of my life, who teaches this. When you have a young kid that just loves to throw with his knuckles, or just can't help but pitch side-arm, who trains these kids? I would think that most coaches would force them to throw over-hand. Anyone with experience in this?

Manny is next. Auto Manny. Even if it is a stamp.

I fully expect to see this guy Vinny Testeverde me. I have no doubt, that four years from now I will look up from the couch and see Manny DH for some team. I also expect Vinny to come back and QB for some team mid-season almost every year. Where oh where has my Vinny gone? (Sorry, I swear this is about a Manny card).

Last but not least . . . Who names their kid Junior?

Okay, his real name is Adalberto. Perhaps Score didn't know that? Weird stance, long career, and one ring. Not bad Junior, not bad.


  1. Tim, please pay for the two group break slots you claimed on my blog. I don't think I have another way of contacting you. Thanks. -Thorzul

  2. I need that Wakefield card, do you want to trade it? I think I have a Cardinal refractor somewhere. I think it is Cardpenter, I'll have to check.